In the Spirit of Independence


Thanks for stopping by the blog. It’s a new month already so Happy New Month to you. Here’s a short message to October:

“Dear October, please be good to whoever is reading this. Let this month bring joy, peace, good health, success, happinessΒ to who’s reading this.”

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Nigeria also celebrates her 56th Independence anniversary today. Happy Independence anniversary, fellow Nigerians!nigerians-620x330

I asked my roommates this morning what their thoughts on yet another independence anniversary. They did not say anything at first but just sighed deeply, almost at the same time. I was astonished. Why did they have to sigh deeply before answering? Don’t you sigh deeply when you’re tired of something or frustrated?

Nigeria is our very own. We cannot afford to give up on her. We are a great country regardless of what we are facing – recession, the battle against corruption, terrorism- all these would be over. And Nigeria will rise again. We would come out stronger and better.

Before this happens, Nigerians have to CHANGE. The change has to come from individuals, institutions, government. We all are contributing factors to Nigeria’s growth.

After some time, one ofΒ roommates said ‘God bless Nigeria’. Take a moment today and say a word of prayer for Nigeria. It could be God bless you, Nigeria. Just say a prayer. God hears us when we pray and He will hear us. Until then, let us enjoy being Nigerians and be proud.


Peace and love,



Happy Birthday Nigeria!

Hello hello,

Happy Monday you! May this new week bring pleasant surprises! By the way, it’s a new month and just 2 months left to the end of 2015! Wow.. this year has just been the fastest, don’t you think?

So I still get the chance to wish my beloved country a happy independence and happy 55th It hurt so much that I couldn’t make a blog post on Nigeria’s independence (PS: it’s celebrated annually on October 1), I really wish I did anyways I didn’t and that’s cos I was extremely busy the day before creating content for social media.. that’s like the best part of my job, and then the next day was a public holiday! However, here’s to this great nation, NIGERIA!

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Nigeria is green. Nigeria is strong. Nigeria is black. Nigeria is beautiful.

Unique inside out, we stand out culturally with over 500 languages, cultural attires; you need to see Nigerians decked in their ankara, aso-oke, gele and with our super cool dance steps; only then can you see how Nigeria is colorful!

Inside Nigeria, lies over 170 million black, united and strong army. Yes! we’re an army, we fight yet overcome, we’re beaten but not broken, we learn bitter lessons in hard ways yet allow those bitter lessons sweeten our ‘tomorrow’…

4 parts (North, South, East and West), over 500 languages from 250 ethnic groups, uncountable types of delicious, mouth-watering meals (PS: Ask anywhere, Nigeria has the best meals. Talk of Afang soup, Banga soup, ogbono, egusi ,ewedu, efo riro, gbegiri, oha soup, coconut rice, jollof rice, edikanikong soup…chai! let me better stop here cos I can’t take it no
edikanikongogbono-soup,over 170 million people in… 1 NIGERIA!

Beyond every reasonable doubt, we have had our trying times with the Boko Haram insurgency, tales of corruption, crises in the power, education, health sector… the list is endless! Just like the saying on how we should be the change that we want to see(PS: took that from John Legend’s- If you’re out there, cool song) , the change starts from WE! Let’s speak what we seek until we see what we speak. In this new year, let’s strive to be more united, more security conscious and be orderly from the begins at home!


HAPPY 55th BIRTHDAY NIGERIA (sorry this is coming a lil bit late)

Lots of chocolate,