How are you?

Hellooooo there! (I was going to type this in French but I’m still attending classes so till I can speak it fluently… LOL)

This morning at about 8:40am, on my way to work, I asked a question on my Whatsapp status. It was a very short and simple question, probably the cliche and most overlooked question.


Most people do not really take time to think deeply about this question before answering it. I’m guilty as charged and I’m sure you are too.

In the end, I was very happy I asked that question because of the responses I got. People needed to be asked that question. I’d share some of the responses!

Take time out today and send a message to your friends. Ask them this same question. Get their responses and leave them a few encouraging words. You just don’t know whose day you would make.

You tell me. HOW ARE YOU?

I have a confession LOL. This blog post should have been up since morning but somehow because of work and more workkk, it is just coming uppp!

Time is 6:28pm in Lagos, Nigeria.

Currently watching: Vlogs of my favorite Nigerian youtubers _ Dimma Umeh and Ronke Raji. Gosh! I love these women. They are so proud of their originality and I like how much it exudes in each vlog. You should totally check them out. If you have any YouTubers you’d like me to check out as well, let me knowww!

So I watched this particular vlog and many others.
Isn’t she soo “prettaayyy?”

Okayyy! I’ve gotta run now. Thank you so much for readinggg. As always, leave me something “sweeth” in the comment section. Also, if you have any idea(s) of topics you’d love me to blog on, do well to shareeee!

“Always remember I love you but God loves you endlessly, overwhelmingly and recklessly.”

Hugs and “kilzes,


Here comes Christmas!

Okay so, I’m here now sitting in my office and Β blogging about one post I’ve looked forward to writing about since the blog came to life!Β About December, Christmas, all the love, joy, laughter, food and why I just love Christmas…lol

its decemberrrr

The past weeks have been so stressful and guess what? I’m done with registration!!! happy about that!happy minion

Oh well, that means school resumes soon and soon is this December o. But, I would definitely share my experiences with you so wait for it Β πŸ˜‰


So…It’s December and just so you know ‘harmattan’ has hit Lagos harddd!lol. Everywhere is dry, dusty, mornings and evenings are cold while afternoons are so hot.. This is one time for you to take extra care of your skin, lips and hair. I would share soonest skin care products and health tips too to make your best friend in this ‘harmattan’ season.

I can’t count the number of people that know how much I love December..reasons are: my mum’s birthday is in December, my boo, Kemi’s birthday too is in December then Christmas! There are just so many reasons why I love Christmas, however I’d be sharing some of them. Continue reading

Things you have to do ‘cos you work…in Lagos!

Hey you,

Wassa wassa? This week’s been pretty hectic but I thank God for it all, it’s over in the twinkle of a eye which brings me to the beginning of my countdown to the most wonderfulll time of the year- Christmas!!! Believe it or not…it is.

Things you have to do ‘cos you work in Lagos just popped up as I was on my way home yesterday oh, 07|10|15 from work (yeah, I intern at an NGO as a communications lead and social media manager..sounds interesting? it is but more work than and I decided to share it with my lovelies. So back to the gist, I had alighted from the bus I boarded at Ojota, the conductor did not have 50 naira change to give me and I did not have any other kobo on me to complete my journey home.

Typical 'danfo' bus in Lagos
Typical ‘danfo’ bus in Lagos

So I stood there, it was not only me, we were like 5 people. As I was standing at the bus stop, my alter ego was like ”a whole big girl standing on the road with other people waiting for change..chai and she’s working oh” then I responded saying ”biko forget big girl and worker oh, shingbain no Β (no cash) dey my pocket oh. Eventually I was given 100 naira to split with another lady, she had change so she gave me and we both went our separate ways. I was already so pissed at the conductor that when it was time to cross, there were no smiles on my face as the road was extremely busy. I didn’t have the energy to use the bridge so crossing was the best bet for me *covers face*

Another thing you have to do ‘cos you work in Lagos asides having issues with the bus conductor is crossing the express road….in Lagos. Why? Because the cars don’t wait and you are not ready to wait. They want to speed off and you want to cross to the other side. In the case where you such a desperado like I was yesterday, you don’t even have time to waste; you just want to cross. So I found my way through the first lane as busy as it was, “whew”, I Left with two lanes, I crossed the next one with myself less than 1km before the cars…they were so close, I thank God for my life. As I crossed the last one, I couldn’t help but laugh at myself as I looked back at the eyes that feasted on me. I told myself, ”I’m so blogging about this”. They’re just some of the weirdest, out-of-my-comfort-zone kinda stuffs you have to do when you’re a hustler *shrugs*


But really, Lagos is one place you would enjoy. I have lived in Lagos all my life so when I tell you this please believe me, all the good, bad and ugly sides are just what make it the most fun place in the whole of It has the best malls, markets, food joints, ‘owambes’..that’s right and all the trending things…come from Lagos! I hope you found this exciting as much as I did, as more about my Lagos work life experience would be coming in! Share with me too if you’ve had similar experiences *winks*

Have a blessed weekend>>>

Lots of chocolate,

Aniee,Β the hustler