One event…many stories to tell!

Hey! Everything has just been everywhere, but it feels so nice to be here once again; feels like home.

Has that one thing happened to you that just changed everything? I’m sure it has..think! Well, though I don’t remember if I’ve had one,this September 4th and 5th just came and left oh but didn’t leave without imprinting indelible marks in my life. My heart’s pounding as I write this cos I can’t wait to tell my Okay, first things first, It was all about a volunteer job to carry out an educational assessment in the interior of Lagos, Ibeju-Lekki; training was on the 4th then the proper field trip on Saturday, 5th.

During the training I had prepared my mind forming to be a strong girl, ready for anything but then what i saw on Saturday..was unexpected. I saw people wallowing in poverty yet were still happy, people who barely had what to eat yet laughed and loved, people who didn’t know much, yet were willing to educate themselves and those who they’d pass the baton to. They were so excited to have us in their houses offering us seats and even gisting with us so much so I didn’t want to leave cos I had laughed so much.

And then the children, they were dirty with sand all over their bodies and catarrh running from their noses suspending whatever game they were playing (PS: Those children can play for Africa, from morning till night) yet they were so excited and I just could not help but love them and exercise soooo much patience with them cos me I’m not patient at all…

My point is: You can never boast or condemn something until you’ve seen or experienced it. Ever since that experience, the way I see things or talk about the poor has changed! Because they would if they can…

Stick around for more…

Lots of chocolate,



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