Wonder What?

Heyy! Thank youuu for all the ‘sweeth’ comments and excess love on my last post and stopping by again *inserts wide grin*

I’m at work already. I got in a bit early today so I’m feeling kinda pumped (please that meins excited. I don’t know where I learn all these funny, new words from *inserts shaking head emoji*). How are you feeling?

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New Year, New You?

Hey everyone,

I don’t think it is too late to say Happy New Year!! May this year be wonderful to us. May it be our best year yet!


I hope you enjoyed your holidays and gave gifts to loved ones and even the less privileged. I had an amazing holiday and I got the best gifts! Can you guess what?

What are your new year resolutions? If you don’t have any, check here for why you should. As for me, this year I’ve promised myself to get better, be better and do better. There’s always room for improvement.

You did some things in the previous year that you regret? Do better!

The year can only and truly be new when you strive to be different. Do things differently. If it means you dropping some people off or changing your career path and chasing your dreams, then do it!


PS: Harmattan is here! The weather is dry and dusty and everyone is catching the flu. Here’s a few tips to keep you safe from the harsh weather.

  • Moisturize your skin properly.
  • Stay hydrated! Drink lots and lots and lots of water.
  • Apply lip balm. This is so that you don’t have dry and cracked lips.
  • Take Vitamin C.
  • Wear warm clothes.
  • Wipe dusty surfaces and maintain personal hygiene.
  • Cover your nose/mouth when you sneeze.

Stay healthy, eat well and be good.

Till my next post,

Hugs and ‘kilzes’



It’s Christmas Day!!!

Joy to the world!!!!

A Savior is born.

Ding dong, ding dong! Christmas bells are ringing.

Merry Christmas from me to you and all yours.


May the joy and warmth that Christmas brings be with you all.

May this Christmas bring peace and love like never before your way.

Eat, drink and make merry today.


What are you eating today? Rice, chicken/turkey, salad, soups etc. Please, invite me oh. I’ll gladly come over lol.

Happy Holidays!

Till next time,

Hugs and ‘kilzes’


Look who’s back!

Blog post

Heyyyy everyone! Yess, it’s me. And, I’M BACKKKKK!!!

I honestly must apologize for being MIA (missing in action) for so long. I thought I could handle school, work and blogging at the same time. But hey, I’m back! Thank you to everyone who showed love and concern, I’m here now.

A big hug to those who recently followed my blog, liked my posts and commented. I’m sorry there haven’t been any updates. I’m here now.


This post is going to be really short because it’s a welcome back post lol. Subsequently, I’ll be sharing things and pictures too of events that have happened in my life. Trust me, so many things have happened! #Anticipate

Before I put a full stop, please share with me in the comment section what you’ll want me to talk about (topic ideas, blog post ideas etc). I would love love to read from you. Please, share your thoughts with me.

Till my next post,

Peace and love !


Write the vision!

Hey lovelies,



I hope that your holidays were lit and so many good things happened. Anybody that knows me well knows I absolutely lovee the holiday season, especially Christmas. So you trust that it was awesome. I’m sorry that I was away for what seemed like forever to me, I needed stronger motivation and more inspiration. Guess what? We got this! LOL

Fast forward to what I’m sharing with you today… Few days ago, I had a conversation with my friend and he told me he was conscious of the speed at which the year is ageing already. I asked why and he said it just reminds him of things he planned to do in 2016 and did not achieve. Many of us are wearing the same shoes as my friend I suppose and are so conscious of how fast the year is ageing already we don’t even know how to go about achieving our set goals. While some of us also have made New Year Resolutions, we’re so overwhelmed as to how we’d go about achieving them. Continue reading

In the Spirit of Independence


Thanks for stopping by the blog. It’s a new month already so Happy New Month to you. Here’s a short message to October:

“Dear October, please be good to whoever is reading this. Let this month bring joy, peace, good health, success, happiness to who’s reading this.”

Image result for october

Nigeria also celebrates her 56th Independence anniversary today. Happy Independence anniversary, fellow Nigerians!nigerians-620x330

I asked my roommates this morning what their thoughts on yet another independence anniversary. They did not say anything at first but just sighed deeply, almost at the same time. I was astonished. Why did they have to sigh deeply before answering? Don’t you sigh deeply when you’re tired of something or frustrated?

Nigeria is our very own. We cannot afford to give up on her. We are a great country regardless of what we are facing – recession, the battle against corruption, terrorism- all these would be over. And Nigeria will rise again. We would come out stronger and better.

Before this happens, Nigerians have to CHANGE. The change has to come from individuals, institutions, government. We all are contributing factors to Nigeria’s growth.

After some time, one of roommates said ‘God bless Nigeria’. Take a moment today and say a word of prayer for Nigeria. It could be God bless you, Nigeria. Just say a prayer. God hears us when we pray and He will hear us. Until then, let us enjoy being Nigerians and be proud.


Peace and love,


Depression: How to overcome it.

Hey there!

Thanks for stopping by the blog today. I trust you’re doing great. Today’s blog post is quite sensitive and different from the ‘usual’ so…Enjoy!

Life is in phases and with each phase come challenges. Depression comes in when we allow these challenges overwhelm us. See, no challenge is insurmountable and mistakes are inevitable. Don’t beat yourself up over what’s happened. Life is short, I know that, but there’s still ample time to do what’s right!

Image result for depression

A couple of weeks after my birthday, there were so many events that took place in my life all at once and it had me swimming in a pool of depression (thankful I didn’t drown in it) I’m not oblivious of the fact that people are going through tough times (this economy is more than enough hard time lol) however, there’s always a way out. A solution. A cure. A remedy. A therapy. Call it what you may.

So if you are depressed or you think that you are or about to, I’d be sharing symptoms then tips on how to come out of it (basically, what I did)

First, here are common symptoms that show you’re depressed (I feel like a Dr. right now so please call me Dr. Anie lol) Continue reading

Happy 1st ‘Bloggiversary!!!’

Hey everyone,

Thanks for stopping by the blog. I trust you’re doing great! I am too because…

Guess whose 1st anniversary or maybe in my  own words ‘bloggiversary’ it is today? *drumroll*

Tall Girls Are Awesome!!!

Woohoo, my blog is one today!!! I’m super excited. It’s funny how my blog and Ishare the same birth month (PS: I didn’t plan for it to be this way lol). I even feel like a mother who has watched her child grow; from suckling on her breasts to talking, walking and growing teeth too! LOL

So, speech time guys *clears throat*

Wow! Tall Girls Are Awesome’s 1st year was an amazing journey. Blogging has taught me so much about myself, passion, growth, ownership and so much technical knowledge. All of the good times, funny posts, inspiring posts, not-so-good posts and the many challenges have taught me so much. I remember writing my first post in my office a year ago and I’m thinking “how time flies!”

TGAA 1.jpg

I’m so grateful to God for the grace to write, for vision, speed and the confidence to birth the idea He gave me. Also for the awesome people around me who have supported and encouraged me till date. I’m so thankful for everything and everyone associated with Tall Girls Are Awesome. I’m thankful still for those who assisted me in setting up the blog; choosing designs/themes and even what hosting site to use,for those who read my first post and critiqued it, for those who have been commenting since the first post, for those who read my posts, for those who follow my blog here and on social media and for everyone who has been a part of my  journey in big or small ways.I’m sincerely grateful for you and to you.My blog would not be where it is today without everyone of you.

Here’s a special shout out to my sister Nancy, my brand manager Jide Odi, Teniola for constantly giving me ideas on what to write on  when I can’t think of any, Ekemini for every word of encouragement and those comments, thank you, Mfon for being such an amazing muse, my new friend Ekundayo for designing that picture you see up there, my mum, all of my friends who never forget to remind me how cool my blog is and to you, you and you for being awesome darlings. May God give you as much joy as you’ve brought me! God bless you guys…

I pledge to be more consistent, creative and more fun this new year. So help me God!

thank you

Peace, love and more love,




Fashion Must-Haves for Summer 2016!

Hey darls,

Thanks for stopping by the blog. I trust you are perfect in the One who loves you. Happy New Month and Happy Belated Birthday to me! Yass, I became a year older on August the 2nd and it couldn’t have been more amazing 😀 (birthday post et pictures loading)

In today’s blog post I’d be sharing every fashionista’s must haves this summer (PS: The recipe of the finger-licking dish in M’s words is in the oven. Don’t think I’ve forgotten! 😉 )

To me and every other person I’m sure, summer time is fun time (And yes, there’s summer even in Nigeria lol). It’s a time to wear all the pastel colors from clothes to shoes, bags, accessories, beach wear…I could go on and on. However, I’d be sharing my favorite pieces which I consider fashion must-haves for you to rock this summer with!

Yay? Let’s roll!

1. A floral dress– Who doesn’t love flowers? Well, I know my mum does! With its bright colors and flowery designs, a floral dress is perfect to wear this summer and for that lunch date too! (sshh, i didn’t say anything)

2. An Ankara top -It’s no longer news that Ankara ti take over LOL. The Ankara fabric is now used for bags, shoes, sandals and even lingerie! I love the Ankara fabric. For that casual look, an Ankara top is always perfect on a jeans trouser with a nice pair of sandals or high heels! Need I say more?

Next up is:

3. The classic white shirt– So I’m not going to say much here. Just have a crisp classic white shirt in your wardrobe, it keeps you winning!

4. Wide legged denim trousers– Inspired from the 70’s, an off shoulder top and a floral top too would look great on a wide legged denim trousers.

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The Academic Summit 7.0

Hey guys,

Thanks for stopping by the blog 🙂 I hope this week has been a blessed one for you. In today’s post I’d be sharing with you the press release of The Academic Summit 7.0, an event happening this August at the University of Lagos.

Here it is:


InspireChizzy 20160604_035419

It is common knowledge that the media sphere is now evolving (in fact is there anything that has not evolved). This trend of evolution is what The Academic summit (TAS) has successfully highlighted and tracked for the past six years.

At every juncture, TAS makes concerted efforts in making all Stakeholders in the media industry see how far the media has come, present realities and trends, and projections for the future.

TAS is a platform designed to inform and educate prospective media practitioners and students about prevalent issues in the media industry as it affects contemporary practice and trends in the media industry.

It seeks to converge top professionals from all media organizations spanning the entire length of the media sphere (Journalism, Public Relations, Advertising, Digital media, television/radio). These professionals are able to provide an opportunity for participants to seek direction in media careers.

Top Professionals such as Femi Adesina (Special Adviser to the President on Media and Publicity); Tolu Ogunlesi (Special Adviser to the President on New media); John Momoh, Biodun Shobanjo, Maupe Ogun, Morayo Afolabi-Brown, Yomi Badejo-Okunsanya etc.

This year’s edition promises to even be better as top speakers have been penciled to speak at the event. A panelist session with speakers from the diverse fields of mass communication will grace the occasion.

Workshop sessions that, without doubt, expose students to new territories will also be part of the event. Classes such as Copy writing, Art Direction, Digital marketing etc have already been planned with top speakers ready to impart knowledge to the teeming population that would grace the event.

It is evident that all is set for the biggest media event and be sure, after the event you would begin to see and explore the numerous uncharted opportunities that surround you.

The conversation continues on our Social media platforms… #TheConvergence

Facebook – TheAcademicsummit

Twitter – @academicsummit

Instagram – academicsummit

There you have it. Join the conversation on social media!

Next up on the blog, I’d be sharing a recipe of a finger licking dish prepared in Anie’s style 😉 Stick around amigos!

Peace, love and chocolate,