Wonder What?

Heyy! Thank youuu for all the ‘sweeth’ comments and excess love on my last post and stopping by again *inserts wide grin*

I’m at work already. I got in a bit early today so I’m feeling kinda pumped (please that meins excited. I don’t know where I learn all these funny, new words from *inserts shaking head emoji*). How are you feeling?

Now Listening to Mormon Tabernacle Choir. I always listen to this type of music early in the morning because it calms my nerves and makes me think faster. LOL. Enjoy!

Few days ago which was Tuesday, I watched Sisi Yemmie’s birth vlog (Sisi Yemmie is a Nigerian Food and Lifestyle vlogger) and I was amazed so much at how stronggg women are that I started to cry. Yes! I started to cry (if you know me well, you’d know I can be such a mush ball *insert rolling eyeball emoji*). Lewl.

Two of my colleagues who are mothers asked what was wrong and I asked one of them who has two boys “How did you give birth to two children?” At this time, I was crying and laughing and she had to burst into laughter too. I showed her the video to watch and I’m going to show you too (if you haven’t watched it.)

Here you go!

I asked the other mother who has a girl how she did it and she just kept shaking her head and smiling before giving me the full tea. These women endured the most excruciating pain to bring forth life. Their lives were transformed. Their bodies went through unimaginable changes. Hearing their birth stories, I couldn’t be more proud to be a woman!

Women are STRONG.

Women are full of WONDERS.


Women are WONDER what? WONDER WOMEN!

March 8 is a day set aside to celebrate women all around the world. A day isn’t enough to celebrate us, Wonder Women; so we’ve taken the entire month and the whole year too! LOL

When I saw this picture, the words were dancing. I don’t know why it’s changed its mind.
Anyways, what the picture said !

Women are Power. Women are Achievers. If you are a women and you are reading this right now, I am superrrrr proud of you. You are doing soo well even though sometimes you might think you aren’t. Don’t let negative thoughts creep into your head. You have achieved so much and there’s still so much more you’re going to achieve. God has so much in store for you. Go on and celebrate yourself and every other woman you know today, tomorrow and everyday. You go girl!

Guess what guys?? I have a super exciting post for tomorrow!! I’m xo xo mush heggzited. LMAO. Till tomorrow loves, remember to share your thoughts with me. I always love to hear from you! I gotta go. Ebi ti n pa omolomo (that is to say “I’m starving”). LOL

Before I run off, here’s a quote from the movie “The Boy Who Harnessed The Wind” which tells such an excellent story.

“God is as the wind which touches everything.”

The Boy Who Harnessed The Wind, Chiwetel Ejiofor, 2019

Hugs and ‘kilzes’,


2 thoughts on “Wonder What?

  1. Scholarscrib Blog March 7, 2019 / 12:03 pm

    Happy women’s day to us all…. We can start greeting each other from today na 😁


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