The Experience: Memoirs of a first timer.

Hi everyone!

Welcome to December! May you and all yours have joy at last this month. I’m so thankful to God for keeping us all alive and well to see the last month in 2017. What a year it has been. Whew!

Can you tell how excited I am for Christmas? Well, I am πŸ™‚ . Read my last post on Christmas here.

I had an amazing weekend. I attended The Experience for the first time last Friday. For those who don’t already know, The Experience is an interdenominational (wow!such a long word lol) gospel music concert held in Lagos, Nigeria annually. It is organized by House on The Rock church. This year’s, which was its 12th edition was themed ‘Jesus Our King’ and had powerful ministrations from local and international gospel artistes such as Chioma Jesus, Don Moen, Frank Edwards, Tope Alabi, Tim Godfrey, Eben, Travis Greene, Sonnie Badu, Nathaniel Bassey, Pastor Donnie McClurkin, Chevelle Franklyn, Midnight Crew, Onos Ariyo, Beejay Sax, Micah Stampley.

the experience.jpg

As a first timer, I had high expectations and honestly, they were met. Even exceeded.Β 

Before The Experience.

I got to the venue, Tafawa Balewa Square, Lagos at about 4pm and everywhere was filled up. Well, not the galleries yet but where I wanted to sit on the white seats and they were filled up. The sun was so hot. Miraculously, I found seats for myself and Amara (PS: Before I left home, I asked God to please reserve seats for us. He did.) I took out my anti-sun tools lol – a face cap and a scarf and thankfully, the sun didn’t burn me.

Not long afterwards, I became hungry. Thankful for the food vendors who had a POS machine, otherwise a sister would have starved and you know how much I love food. I got Nigerian Jollof rice and chicken and drank a fruit smoothie (which I had to blend myself, it was a form of exercise but fun at the same time).


Attending the Experience wasn’t the only first time experience I had. Using a public toilet was another. My goodness! I was so scared lol. I mean I’d never used one before until last Friday. It wasn’t a nice experience at all but I didn’t have a choice. I couldn’t imagine myself leaving the venue and face another struggle to come in (the crowd was so large at the time).

During The Experience.

Of all the things I loved most about #TE12, the early start impressed me the most. Before 7pm, everything was set and trust me the crowd was charged, super charged just as I was.


The House on the Rock choir led us in a really nice praise and worship session, perfect mood-setter!

I enjoyed every ministration/performance, every single one of them including the comedy (I loved Kenny Blaq’s. He’s so funny, and his voice…amazing! But I digress…) However, the ministrations I enjoyed the most were:

  • Chioma Jesus – She is so anointed. I danced and danced during her ministration. Sweat was dripping all over like I’d just bathed lol.

One word to describe her ministration: Powerful!

  • Nathaniel Bassey – I love Nathaniel Bassey. He’s also an anointed minister and a true worshiper.

One word to describe his ministration: Awesome!

  • Travis Greene – His session was another one I looked forward to and I enjoyed it! Especially the time he sang ‘Made a way’. I love that song!

One word to describe his ministration: Wonderful!

  • Sonnie Badu – I’ve always loved his songs. I particularly loved the high-life feel his ministration had .

One word to describe his ministration: Amazing!

  • Midnight Crew – They set the stage on fire with their ministration, literally. I love the fact that they’re still praising God TOGETHER.

One word to describe their ministration: Mind blowing!

  • Tim Godfrey – OMG! Talk about stage performance, he and his crew had it. Talk about energy, they had too much. Then talk about anointing, they had that too! I enjoyed it.

One word to describe their ministration: Energetic, so energetic!

  • Don Moen – He’s still young as ever, his voice and his songs too!

One word to describe his ministration: Lovely!

  • Donnie McClurkin – I like to call him Pastor Donnie (if you like say I’m ‘famzing’ lol). I absolutely enjoyed his ministration!

One word to describe his ministration: Sweeeet!

  • Frank Edwards – I enjoyed his ministration too!

One word to describe his ministration: Great!

  • Eben – This was another energetic and powerful ministration. I danced!

One word to describe his ministration: Energetic!

  • Tope Alabi – She’s amazing. The way she praised God in Yoruba was fantastic! I could literally see God’s head swelling. Yes, because it was that beautiful.

One word to describe her ministration: Fantastic!

I had a great time at #TE12. In fact, I’m already counting down to #TE13 lol.



Did you also attend? Did you stream it live or you watched it on TV (like my family lol)? Kindly share your thoughts in the comment section. I always love to hear from you!

Till my next blog post,

Hugs and ‘kilzes’,



2 thoughts on “The Experience: Memoirs of a first timer.

  1. Oluwafemi oladele December 5, 2017 / 5:36 am

    Great experience it was for you, i was feeling like i was following you all the way, in this blog. Thank God you went though..i couldn’t be there physically, but i was spiritually. Thank God for a successful #TE12. God bless you on this one


    • tallgirlsareawesome December 6, 2017 / 10:40 am

      Hi Femi,
      Thanks for reading and dropping a comment. I’m glad I carried you along. Really happy that I went as well. Hoping you attend next year’s. God bless you too. xx


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