D.I.Y Tips and Hacks

Hey there,

Thank you for stopping by the blog. I hope that you are doing great. Today’s post is something I’ve been meaning to share with you for a while but for some reason, it’s been in the oven up until now!

Fast forward to ze blog topic…

DIY Tips and Hacks

Okay so after I read a post on a blog, I asked myself if it was just me who didn’t like to throw things away because they were stained, torn or damaged. That’s why I came up with some Do-It-Yourself tips and hacks that’d work the magic on your favorite clothes, bag or shoes without you having to dispose them.

Why Hacks?

Hacks or Life hack refer to tricks that increase productivity and efficiency. Hmm, that’s too much grammar! Let’s just say, hacks help you get things done and done quickly. Here they are:

  • To shine your shoes in the absence of shoe polish, use moisturiser on dull leather shoes.


  • Get rid of pills on your clothes by shaving them off with a shaving stick.

(PS: ‘Pills’ are those tiny things that come out on most clothes. You could call them ‘craw-craw’ LOL but at home, we call it ‘nkarafang’ which is Ibibio)


  • Ever tried using bleach (Hypo or JIK…LOL) to get red wine stains off? Try this instead.

To remove red wine, soak the stained spot in white wine for few minutes before washing the piece of clothing.


  • Use nail hardener to stop the button on a shirt or dress from unravelling or falling off. However, if you don’t notice before the button falls off; you’d have to stitch it back on. This can be so annoying especially when you are in a hurry .You know this!


  • Put some baby powder on oil stain and leave overnight after which you can wash it out!


Don’t these tips just make things a whole lot easier? LOL

Chill, there’s more!


  • To remove make up stain from shirt collars or dresses (especially foundation) by spraying shaving cream on the stain and leaving it for few minutes before washing.


  • To stretch tight shoes, wear thick socks in the shoes, then blow dry the tight area. As you do this, flex your feet to move the shoe material as much as you can.


  • Paint a small amount of nail polish, preferably nail hardener (the clear/transparent one), on the hinge of your sunglasses. Doing this temporarily tightens the arm.


  • Stitch an old bra or a less costly bra onto a backless dress.


  • Wash sneakers with baking soda, detergent and toothpaste to liven them up and make them look as good as new.


  • Fix a dent on your patent leather shoe or bag (or wet look, like many call it) using cotton wool and petroleum jelly. Yes, Vaseline!


  • Soak a cloth stained by another or that has run into itself in salt-water solution for 4-6 hours. Rinse out and place in a hanger to drip-dry.

Trust me, I tried this and it worked like magic. There’s this white and blue top I recently bought and I like so much. I hand-washed it and hung only to discover that it’d run into itself (the blue faded into the white). I was so sad, told my mum and she shared that tip. No stains no more!

I hope that these tips and hacks will optimize things in your life and mine too. Please feel free to share your thoughts and any personal tips/hacks in the comment section. I’d love that! Thanks for reading. Till you stop by again,

Peace, love and chocolate,




2 thoughts on “D.I.Y Tips and Hacks

  1. Ekemini July 11, 2016 / 8:21 am

    Real, cool, and illuminating.
    I laughed hard at the ‘craw-craw’ part.
    Nice one.


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