Chronicles of a UNILAG undergraduate II

Hola amigos,

Feels so good to eventually write something again for you to read, blogging has been a blessing and even more a blessing having amazing people to read and share in my joy and pain most times. I’m thankful to God for that! On Sunday, this past one, I began to have this feeling of emptiness. Like when you have lost your value? Yah. Questions began to pop in my head and I started to ask myself why I write or why I even started to blog in the first place. I gave answers. But they didn’t seem to be the right ones. I searched deep, I was in church at the moment so I decided to pray. There’s so much God has taught me and is still going to teach me through the many phases of life. And they all have to be documented. I searched deeper still. Then I came across this quote by Christian .D. Larson which says,

“Believe in yourself and all that you are. Know that there is something                                           inside of you that is greater than any obstacle.”

And another one by a Nigerian blogger which says,

 “The truest and rawest form of writing is when it’s for you. Not for                                                comments or a pat on the back. Just a translation of you…into words.”

That was it! I was so focused on the problems of not having a laptop and Wi-Fi which had delayed a new post up till now that I didn’t realize this newly discovered gift- writing, that is still being unraveled. Then I tweeted,


And here we are! lol. So before I continue on the series I started “Chronicles of a UNILAG undergraduate”, I’d like to quickly gist you about something that has been trending in Nigeria for close to a month now.

The ‘Olajumoke’ story.

Read more here .

You heard right? The ‘Agege’ bread-seller now multi-millionaire model, who has modelling contracts from several parts of Nigeria, billboard and advert contracts from several big companies, who now lives in one of the best houses in Lagos (not just anywhere o, on the Island), whose children have gotten academic scholarship up to University level, who stays in the best hotels whenever she travels for interviews and all that, who was even interviewed by CNN! All in 1-month! I’d just quickly tell those who still think its a scam to keep dreaming the way, some people are even considering selling This just really taught me that God does not call the qualified instead He qualifies the called and crowns the efforts of the diligent with success- Prov.22:29. It might interest you to know that this lady, mother and wife is illiterate but God blesses who He wants to. I sincerely pray for every reader that God’s blessings would locate you and His favor would shine on your path.

Chronicles of a UNILAG undergraduate II


unilag chronicles

I remember the first post in this series ended with me complaining about the work load and ‘cold war’ between DE students and UTME students. Well, today’s post has a lot of good news in it!

To start with, there’s been a big difference in our relationship as we’ve all gradually become closely knit. I said I was going to share the names of friends I’ve made so far; Femi who is the class governor, Shallom who is the assistant class rep, Mercy who prefers to be called Ilamosi, Kaylah, uhm.. yas! Peniel, my trouble-maker friend, Onyeka who’s the President of Mass Communication Students’ Association; extremely nice and approachable. I don’t think there’s any day we come across each other and she doesn’t tell me I look good. Even on days I know I don’ Who else? Uche, Elizabeth, Florence, Temi, Chisom. They’re quite a lot mehn. But I’m glad that I was able to just let go of all the ego, walk up to people, introduce myself and just life happen..

Guess what?

We’re also putting together a get-together/welcome party for all students in year 2. I was more than excited when I heard this as it’s an amazing opportunity for us all to interact, socialize and mingle in a fun atmosphere. It comes up in March and I can’t wait.

February has been a good month thus far coupled with the stress of going to and fro school via public transport since I don’t have accommodation on campus yet (I’m still angry with UNILAG o! I tried and tried to get hostel..Chaii, there is God o). Albeit, I hope that my blogging problems are solved soon and I can blog with ease and more often..and from school too.

The month of March comes knocking already. I wish you all the very best and more in the coming month. Grow in grace, live long and prosper! Thanks for sticking around..


Lots of love and blessings,



One thought on “Chronicles of a UNILAG undergraduate II

  1. Ekemini March 5, 2016 / 12:58 pm

    As always. I’d expected the “war” to turn for the better.
    Keep writing, dear. Writing time is amongst the fewest times people get to think real deep and reach out the purest form of reason behind every action.
    Besides, who knows how many lives you shapen as you go on.



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