Before meets after..

Hey hey!

Ever wondered why you seem to remember vividly what happened 5, 10 or even 20 years ago? Well, it’s because that’s how our minds are designed.

It just simply means that our past affects our present and whatever we do now affects our future! Cool? What you did or failed to do is surely going to tell on what happens now which is why we really have to do it right NOW! You don’t want to grow up or have your children grow up and make the same mistakes. We learn from our mistakes and experiences, I know that but if you can prevent something from happening why let it happen? There so many mistakes I’ve made and I know you’ve made some too but we can’t let them stop us or slow us down, we gotta keep moving. I know of a friend who got pregnant even before getting into college but she had always wanted to go to school, complete her education and fulfill her dreams. So even with all the pain she went through, she gave birth to the baby and went back to school! She just didn’t let a bad ‘before’ stop her from having a good ‘after’. When I newly resumed my job, I was so inept having first time experience in a work environment. I had issues with my boss, issues so serious I was going to leave the job, but NO! I didn’t. Instead I remained and opened up to learning and in the process make mistakes no matter how much they hurt. Today, I’m enjoying every bit of it in less than 3 months. I did not let a bad ‘before’ affect a good ‘after’.

We only have power to re-create ourselves and not create ourselves, there are also certain decisions we need to make just to fix things up. It doesn’t matter if you didn’t do certain things right in the past, there’s still time and so much you can do to fix things up and all you have to do is to make frantic efforts to fix this up now so they don’t shift into to your ‘after’. Let a bad ‘before’ meet a good ‘after’!

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2 thoughts on “Before meets after..

  1. Vanessa September 23, 2015 / 7:47 am

    first I must say this is a so cool blog, looking At this very headline nd was thinking before meets after! sounded more like a fashion thing nd that pushed me to read every bit of this article, i really loved it such a splendid write up, kudos, magnificento


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