When ‘old school’ becomes the ‘new school’!


I’m sure we remember how we used to look at our mum and dad’s clothes and call them “old school” and now we see that’s what we’re wearing to “shako”..lol

The evolution of fashion has really taken its toll on every one of us both men and women! Talk about the things our grand parents and parents used to wear coming back in its own modern form and I must say we really are enjoying it..from vintage shirts, skirts, shoes, bags, ties, furniture..infact, vintage everything!

Then to the make up part of it, the dark lipstick trend, the colored hairs and when i say colored i don’t mean brown or color 2..lol, i mean bright colors like pink, green, purple, yellow, pink,royal blue and all I see is the hair not even the face or outfit of the person..hahaha. It really is funny and at the same time interesting how people express their fun personalities through these fashion trends.

Even the use of our local fabrics from ankara to adire and even aso-oke is extremely making waves in the Nigerian fashion industry so better go and start sewing yours..lol, not to mention the block heeled shoes, culottes, wide-legged pants, fedora hats, gladiator sandals that we can’t seem to have enough of and then my friend, Teniola and I also noticed the new trend that going on with men and their keeping beards with ‘afari’ *shrugs*, I don’t know what to say because before it was afro now afari; wondering what the next one would be.


So as we count down to Nigeria’s 55th birthday..yayy!, I can’t help but relieve how much of Nigerians we all have become. My point is the Nigerian-ness, if there is anything like that in us is gradually beginning to let itself out and it is great so that instead of us  copying the ‘oyibos’, they’re the ones copying us. Abi?

Stay Proudly Nigerian!

Lots of chocolate,


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