ME-motions 101: Relationships


My first post on relationships..yay! So uhm, relationships are meant for everyone both boy and girl, old and young but you only get the best out of something based on what you put in abi? And then so many marriages are birthed out of relationships but there seems to be troubles, why? My answer is because they did not prepare well oh.

As young as I am, my sister would tell me better start reading books on marriage and I’m like I’m not getting married tomorrow But really there’s nothing like over preparation when it comes to marriage.

Start reading and educating yourself on marriage, knowing the right thing to say or do, how to love your spouse, how to raise your children the right way, home building, even the Bible says it that “the wise woman buildeth her home”, forget about having a wedding that even Kim Kardashian go fear fear and start working towards the years after the wedding day.

Me I’m getting ready for future with bae oh! Go and get ready too.. There’s still more to come.

Lots of chocolate,



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