ME-motions 101: Ingredients for the “soup”

Hey hey!

So I’m just sitting in my office bored and yawning over and over again and it comes as a signal to gist my people about “whozzop”.

Story story, storyyyy.. Once upon a time,

I was just ‘jejely’ going through my twitter TL this morning looking for any new gist I should know (PS: I’m not an amebo oh) when I stumbled on this trending hashtag #Marriagein3words …”hmmm”, i thought so I searched for it and saw what others had to say about it, I decided to use the hashtag too oh and this was my response:

“#Marriagein3words Trust. Communicate. Love”

And I tweeted it. Tweeting wasn’t enough so I decided blogging about it would do. Believe it or not, just as life is a bed of roses; marriage is a soup that needs so many ingredients to make it tastyy. It’s just this simple:

Trust+ CommunicateΒ + Love= Marriage.

You don’t just want to marry someone who is not trusted that you cannot even give your ATM card pin..haba, talk more of Β marrying someone you don’t communicate with and when I say communicate I don’t mean random whatsapp or BBM convos that start with “hello” and ends with “good night”, I mean INTIMATE communication where you see yourself talking freely without even sieving your words. Where you are comfortable telling your partner anything and everything from personal ish to school life to work life and any other random stuff (PS: talk about the good, bad and ugly including how you don’t like brushing twice daily or bathing, until your communication level has gotten to this stage you cannot boldly declare that you have “fallen in love”, who pushed you??

I think trust and communication really should be in perfect condition before love comes in. As important as love is in any relationship, you have to trust and enjoy talking to the person that makes you buy credit and stay up all night doing midnight calls with (PS: I know you do midnight calls too it’s not only me) before you can say “I LOVE …”. Abi, what do you think?

Stick around for more…

Lots of chocolate,



3 thoughts on “ME-motions 101: Ingredients for the “soup”

  1. Tennyolah September 17, 2015 / 8:21 am

    U just hit the nail on the head, ur personality is near to flawless , commitment, trust, compromise, understanding ,etc.. is so important in a relationship without this is like Rick Ross without his beards lol. kip making us proud Anie!


  2. Esoaa September 18, 2015 / 3:00 pm

    Wowwwww!!! that’s really all I can say, thumbs up dearie.


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