Health 101: Fruits

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I feel so good to be making yet another post. Blogging has been so much fun and it’s because of you, you and you! Yes,you! We’re counting down to the end of September! It’s been an amazing month, don’t you think so?

This post was birthed by the daily ‘gist'(PS: ”gist” means information) I get from my cousin, I call her Dr. Joe. She’s a Nutritionist and Dietitian in the making..ever since she got into school, she has learnt so much, taught everyone of us and even put into practice. So I say to myself, ”I have to blog about this”. I did my research and realized the benefits of eating fruits and vegetables cannot be overemphasized!


I’d tell you what Dr. Joe told me then what I realized… Dr. Joe told me fruits are best taken 30 minutes before eating cooked meals.. ”WHAT!”, I thought. I wouldn’t even remember to take fruits before shoving several spoons of rice and stew down my throat or even ‘eba’ *sigh*…Well, she also said fruits are best eaten on an empty stomach, you knew that right? I had also heard about it but I had always believed that when fruits being acidic are eaten on an empty stomach, the stomach also being acidic; they begin to eat up your stomach walls *shrugs*. Dr. Joe says when fruits are ingested, they turn to ‘alkaline’ and aid food digestion!

What I realized…

  • Fruits contain nutrients that are vital for health and maintenance.
  • Fruits keep your eyes healthy.
  • Fruits are naturally low in calories so a fruit diet is just perfect. In fact, you should not go on a diet and exempt fruits. Make your diet FRUIT-rich! I actually intend to do that soon, go on a fruits and veggies only diet. Just I don’t know when and how possible that
  • Also realized that eating plenty of fruits may help reduce the risk of many diseases even as small as cold and catarrh. fruits

My Mum says it too sef that eating fruits is good for your skin, quoting her; ”it makes your skin look fresh” Now I believe her!(PS: I did before oh, but not 100% sha). By the way, fruits I enjoy eating now are watermelon, apple, orange and pineapple.

Just so you know, no single fruit or vegetable provides all of the nutrients you need to be healthy. EAT PLENTY EVERYDAY!

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Before meets after..

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Ever wondered why you seem to remember vividly what happened 5, 10 or even 20 years ago? Well, it’s because that’s how our minds are designed.

It just simply means that our past affects our present and whatever we do now affects our future! Cool? What you did or failed to do is surely going to tell on what happens now which is why we really have to do it right NOW! You don’t want to grow up or have your children grow up and make the same mistakes. We learn from our mistakes and experiences, I know that but if you can prevent something from happening why let it happen? There so many mistakes I’ve made and I know you’ve made some too but we can’t let them stop us or slow us down, we gotta keep moving. I know of a friend who got pregnant even before getting into college but she had always wanted to go to school, complete her education and fulfill her dreams. So even with all the pain she went through, she gave birth to the baby and went back to school! She just didn’t let a bad ‘before’ stop her from having a good ‘after’. When I newly resumed my job, I was so inept having first time experience in a work environment. I had issues with my boss, issues so serious I was going to leave the job, but NO! I didn’t. Instead I remained and opened up to learning and in the process make mistakes no matter how much they hurt. Today, I’m enjoying every bit of it in less than 3 months. I did not let a bad ‘before’ affect a good ‘after’.

We only have power to re-create ourselves and not create ourselves, there are also certain decisions we need to make just to fix things up. It doesn’t matter if you didn’t do certain things right in the past, there’s still time and so much you can do to fix things up and all you have to do is to make frantic efforts to fix this up now so they don’t shift into to your ‘after’. Let a bad ‘before’ meet a good ‘after’!

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Why I love…

Hey there!
Happy Friday!!!happy friday TGIF..Fridays are my favee days cos I know after it comes the weekend which is well, equivalent to rest and sleep *big smile*
Life is very lenient you know, it serves us us the things to love and hate, reasons to be happy and sad..the list goes on and on! I’d definitely share stuffs I dislike here too so don’t go too far *winks*

Why I love… Rahiel Tesfamariam. That’s right! Rahiel’s a black woman, a social activist, a youth advocate, writer and speaker or would I say preacher..she also founded an online lifestyle mag that just has its basis on urban culture, faith and social see that she is not

That's her
That’s her

Why I love…Rahiel Tesfamariam!
+ She’s black..a strong proof that black girls rock!
+She’s also an amazing writer.
+Also a believer..I cannot but be inspired!

Here’s an amazing piece she wrote which I still feel she took the words right out of my Enjoy and be blessed!

 What she told God…and His response

“She told God she wanted to fly. To escape every limitation placed on her from birth . To soar to places unimaginable to her ancestors. To reach for the stars and land on her dreams.

She told God she wanted to create. To build legacy and transform everything she touched. To inspire generations to come and to nurture the visions of prophets yet to be born. To generate change with her mere words.

She told God she wanted to love and trust unconditionally. To be the answer to every prayer he had ever prayed and the manifestation of every fantasy he had convinced himself would never come to pass. To be the breath of fresh air he had never sat still long enough to take in.

And God told her..her eyes had not seen nor ears heard what was to come for her”….

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Inspired by Maya Angelou’s quotes!

Maya Angelou is such an insightful writer and her quotes…carry inspiration! Here’s a few of her quotes that I love:

“I’ve learned that people will forget what you said, people will forget what you did, but people will never forget how you made them feel”                                                  ~Maya Angelou

“What you’re supposed to do when you don’t like a thing is change it. If you can’t change it, change the way you think about it. Don’t complain”                                                   ~Maya Angelou

I hope they inspire you too!
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When ‘old school’ becomes the ‘new school’!


I’m sure we remember how we used to look at our mum and dad’s clothes and call them “old school” and now we see that’s what we’re wearing to “shako”

The evolution of fashion has really taken its toll on every one of us both men and women! Talk about the things our grand parents and parents used to wear coming back in its own modern form and I must say we really are enjoying it..from vintage shirts, skirts, shoes, bags, ties, furniture..infact, vintage everything!

Then to the make up part of it, the dark lipstick trend, the colored hairs and when i say colored i don’t mean brown or color, i mean bright colors like pink, green, purple, yellow, pink,royal blue and all I see is the hair not even the face or outfit of the person..hahaha. It really is funny and at the same time interesting how people express their fun personalities through these fashion trends.

Even the use of our local fabrics from ankara to adire and even aso-oke is extremely making waves in the Nigerian fashion industry so better go and start sewing, not to mention the block heeled shoes, culottes, wide-legged pants, fedora hats, gladiator sandals that we can’t seem to have enough of and then my friend, Teniola and I also noticed the new trend that going on with men and their keeping beards with ‘afari’ *shrugs*, I don’t know what to say because before it was afro now afari; wondering what the next one would be.


So as we count down to Nigeria’s 55th birthday..yayy!, I can’t help but relieve how much of Nigerians we all have become. My point is the Nigerian-ness, if there is anything like that in us is gradually beginning to let itself out and it is great so that instead of us  copying the ‘oyibos’, they’re the ones copying us. Abi?

Stay Proudly Nigerian!

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ME-motions 101: Relationships


My first post on relationships..yay! So uhm, relationships are meant for everyone both boy and girl, old and young but you only get the best out of something based on what you put in abi? And then so many marriages are birthed out of relationships but there seems to be troubles, why? My answer is because they did not prepare well oh.

As young as I am, my sister would tell me better start reading books on marriage and I’m like I’m not getting married tomorrow But really there’s nothing like over preparation when it comes to marriage.

Start reading and educating yourself on marriage, knowing the right thing to say or do, how to love your spouse, how to raise your children the right way, home building, even the Bible says it that “the wise woman buildeth her home”, forget about having a wedding that even Kim Kardashian go fear fear and start working towards the years after the wedding day.

Me I’m getting ready for future with bae oh! Go and get ready too.. There’s still more to come.

Lots of chocolate,


ME-motions 101: Ingredients for the “soup”

Hey hey!

So I’m just sitting in my office bored and yawning over and over again and it comes as a signal to gist my people about “whozzop”.

Story story, storyyyy.. Once upon a time,

I was just ‘jejely’ going through my twitter TL this morning looking for any new gist I should know (PS: I’m not an amebo oh) when I stumbled on this trending hashtag #Marriagein3words …”hmmm”, i thought so I searched for it and saw what others had to say about it, I decided to use the hashtag too oh and this was my response:

“#Marriagein3words Trust. Communicate. Love”

And I tweeted it. Tweeting wasn’t enough so I decided blogging about it would do. Believe it or not, just as life is a bed of roses; marriage is a soup that needs so many ingredients to make it tastyy. It’s just this simple:

Trust+ Communicate + Love= Marriage.

You don’t just want to marry someone who is not trusted that you cannot even give your ATM card pin..haba, talk more of  marrying someone you don’t communicate with and when I say communicate I don’t mean random whatsapp or BBM convos that start with “hello” and ends with “good night”, I mean INTIMATE communication where you see yourself talking freely without even sieving your words. Where you are comfortable telling your partner anything and everything from personal ish to school life to work life and any other random stuff (PS: talk about the good, bad and ugly including how you don’t like brushing twice daily or bathing, until your communication level has gotten to this stage you cannot boldly declare that you have “fallen in love”, who pushed you??

I think trust and communication really should be in perfect condition before love comes in. As important as love is in any relationship, you have to trust and enjoy talking to the person that makes you buy credit and stay up all night doing midnight calls with (PS: I know you do midnight calls too it’s not only me) before you can say “I LOVE …”. Abi, what do you think?

Stick around for more…

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A Curious Tale

I find this so inspiring..and the should check it out!



The very first post in this series is written by Adenike. Adenike is a writer who is “finding her voice.” She likes to write poems and occasionally, short stories. She writes to inspire and entertain. She blogs at and can also be found at You can also follow her on twitter @denikhe

In this powerful poem, Nike seeks to capture the abstract nature of the curious tale and country called Nigeria.

I hope you enjoy it as much as I did.

This is a curious tale of love

Of blood that birthed tears

Tears that washed hands

Tears that deceived you into thinking your hands were clean and you were pure

You who is listening to this tale

Hear, hear

Even if you do not need to listen

For this tale is the song that resonates in your heart

An ever present melody

A curious tale


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