Healthy Eating?

foood                           fruits

What really do people refer to when they say ‘healthy eating’? Coupled with the ‘weight loss’ bug that seems to have bitten almost every lady whether big or not. Not because I am not on the big side or such an unrepentant foodie, but I’d say people are actually not getting it right when they say healthy eating.. When I eat, I don’t eat because the doctor asks me to eat certain things, a certain way or because I don’t want to gain weight but guess what? I have studied my body and I know the right foods it needs. I also try as much as I can to take as much fruits and water which serves as a detox. My point: Do a self examination and get to understand your body, what works for it and how to go about it because in the long run, whatever goes into it starts to come out in the form of belly fat, acne and know them! haha >>Stay awesome!



2 thoughts on “Healthy Eating?

  1. Tennyolah September 17, 2015 / 8:12 am

    Hey dear! with u being such a good unrepentant foodie ‘I quote ‘ u can’t go wrong,, so true nd so cool, nice article, 👍


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