Expressions of the heart!

*drumroll* Hey hey!

Maybe I’m wondering why I’m doing this as well as you are..but the expressions of the heart crave for a place to be sown before germinating and finally blooming as a beautiful daisy. There’s so much to say about everything and I know I’ve just found the right place to pour out the expressions of my heart. I’d be delighted to have you join me, I’m such an unrepentant foodie so from time to time I’d talk about food , sometimes I’m a feminist so there’d be times when issues regarding women would just come up and then I’m a JESUS fanatic so this is because of Him.

What I think? I think:

Girls and women are the best gifts to mankind. We are everything; we’re models, students, cooks, mothers, fashion enthusiasts..the list is endless, ready to change the world. Your comments are welcome as I would lovee to hear your views. Stick around cos there’s more to come, it’s all going to be a colorful splash of cultures>>


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